About Us

There are many barriers that prevent families and individuals from becoming active and prosperous members of society.  Often the most detrimental, and ironically correctable of these barriers is a lack of three basic skills, literacy, numeracy and basic computing. These skills are often taken for granted by most of the population, but for those who lack them, they represent seemingly insurmountable difficulties to achieving a stable family life.

The National Center for Education Statistics estimates that 8– 20% of the adult population (ages 16 – 65) in the localities RGI serves lack basic prose literacy skills. In our greater region, there are 36,300 (11.3%) people who are lacking the basic prose literacy skills needed to fill out a simple form or job application. Nearly two-thirds of the lowest skills group did not complete their education through high school. Many are immigrants while others have physical, mental, or psychological conditions.

RGI has experience working with people with each of these barriers and, thanks to the GoodSkills Literacy Corps, is now directly assisting with literacy skills.

GoodSkills Literacy Corps utilizes full-time AmeriCorps members to perform direct service activities including tutoring individuals and teaching small groups in the areas of literacy, numeracy and basic computing skills. Additional activities include outreach in the community to recruit program participants and volunteers, participation in community service projects, a GoodSkills Literacy Corps group project, and professional development exercises.

One main function of these AmeriCorps members is to recruit and train volunteers for the program. There are volunteer opportunities for Literacy Tutors, Special Project Assistants, Donation drives, and much more!

For more information, please email the AmeriCorps Program Director, Shanna Boutchyard, at shanna.boutchyard@fredgoodwill.org , or call (540) 684-6795.