• GCF Learn Free – A free resource site that features an extensive collection of lessons on various computer programs, social media, email basic, etc.  The lessons range from the very basics of using a computer to more challenging tasks such as how to use Microsoft Office Suite.  All of this could be useful to participants who are trying to better their work prospects by becoming computer literate.
  • Alison–  Alison is a new world of certified learning. It has some useful information on Computer Skills as well as much, much more.  There is a course on here about basic computer literacy, which would be a good starting point for people who are illiterate when it comes to using computers.  From there, there are courses on all sorts of useful computer skills.
  • Udacity– This site has some helpful video tutorials on a number of computer topics, but may not have anything for beginning computer users.  It would be worth it to give it a glance though, there may be something else there that can end up being useful to you and your participants.
  • Saylor– There are free courses on basic Computer skills here.  One in particular that could be very helpful to beginner computer users is the Computer Skills and Literacy course.  It provides a comprehensive introduction to computers.  This could be beneficial for some people.
  • CT Distance Learning Consortium– When it comes to websites, it doesn’t get much simpler than this.  Here you will find basic computer, e-mail, word processing, and web skills help.
  • Meganga– Learn how to use a computer here on this Blog-style website that has detailed tutorials on computer basics as well as more advanced lessons.
  • IVCC– This is a basic computer skills self-assessment quiz for participants to take once they are more comfortable and familiar with the keyboard, the mouse, computer concepts, file management, the internet, and email.

Mouse & Keyboarding Resources

  • Mouserobics– Learn how to use a mouse in this interactive activity.
  • Typing Test– Take typing tests that will boost your keyboarding abilities.
  • Sense-Lang– Learn how to type and play free typing games.  This site has typing and keyboarding tutorials, games, and testing.
  • GCF Learn Free– This is always a good site for learning just about anything.  They have a whole section on basic computer skills including Mouse and Keyboarding skills.
  • Digital Literacy– Build digital literacy skills by selecting from the categories here.  Most of the categories will help to better participants’ skills for the 2014 GED Test.
  • The Bee Hive– Use the Digital Basics section here to learn to use Computers and the Internet safely and intelligently.
  • Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum–   Help your students live and thrive in the 21st century digital world with Microsoft’s Digital Literacy Curriculum. These e-learning materials help you teach and assess computer concepts and skills so your students can use technology to develop new social and economic opportunities for themselves, their families, and their communities.  
  • Digital Learn– In a classroom environment online, learn about what a computer is and how to use a mouse and keyboard.

Computer Typing Lessons (Videos)– YouTube videos that will teach participants how to type.