Lesson Plan Templates

  • Teacher Planet – A wide variety of lesson plan templates, including templates based on specific subjects for participant needs.
  • Open Culture– A database for a plethora of learning tools across the internet
  • Harvard Bridge Program– This site has excellent tutor resources for lesson plans and activities for a variety of subjects, including reading, writing, math, and computers.
  • Napa County Literacy–  Here’s a list of highly recommended websites that offer tutor lesson plans and resources that include excellent worksheets, activities, quizzes, and more.
  • Florida Literacy Coalition– There is a Tutor Help Center box on the right side of this webpage that is filled with tutoring strategies, lesson plans, lesson ideas, teaching tips, and handouts.  If you find yourself unsure of how to teach a particular lesson, this site should give you the help you need.
  • Tacoma Area Literacy Council–  This site doesn’t appear to have a whole lot on it, however what it does have is gold.  It includes pertinent general suggestions for how an adult tutoring session lesson plan should look, and there is a long list of fantastic tutoring resources as well.

Tension Breakers

  • Bananagrams – Letter tiles that can be used to create and build off of words.
  • Crossword Puzzles – Free crossword puzzle maker.  This might be a fun activity for word recognition and spelling.
  • Word Searches – Free word search maker.  This might be a fun activity for spelling practice.
  • The Problem Site– This site has a bunch of educational games that can be fun and educational lessons during your tutoring sessions.
  • Story Starters– Here your participant can choose a story theme and the site will automatically come up with a plot line.  This could be a great activity for writing practice.